Breakup Shop: The Perfect Way to End Your Relationship Like A True Douche Lord


You know all those articles written about millennials about how much we suck? Well it wasn’t until I heard about The Breakup Shop that I decided they’re right. We suck. You guys we really need to do better than this.

What is the Breakup Shop? Well it’s a service that allows you to break up with your significant other without even having to personally¬†communicate with them in any way. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s literally the most millennial thing that’s ever been created.


They have varying levels of break up packages:

Breakup Text – $10

Breakup Phone Call – $29

Breakup E-Mail – $10

and so on and so forth.

And for those sweet thoughtful douchebags out there you can send your new ex a breakup gift! That’s right! Throw some salt in the wound with The Notebook on Blu-Ray for only $25! Or a set of wine glasses for $15. (View the whole range of gifts here including Netflix gift cards -___-)

This is simultaneously the shittiest and funniest service on the internet right now. Here’s to hoping that people still have common decency, and this company goes broke.

breakup gif


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