Operation Closet Organization !


I’ve been wanting to reorganize my closet for quite some time. I kept putting it off because I’ve been so busy with preparing for the bar exam (the first time). But I recently opened my closet and realized that it had gotten out of hand. There were clothes everywhere, and I didn’t know where anything was. So I decided to spend my Veteran’s Day reorganizing my closets.

First I went I through and pulled a bunch of clothes that I haven’t worn in forever and put them aside for donation.

Then I went to Target and purchased a small tension rod, 7 packs of skirt hangers, and two shoe racks. I used the tension rod to create another rack(?) to hang my skirts from which allowed me to utilize the space I had available.

Here are the before (left) and after (right) pictures:


closet 1

closet 2

closet 2

I am so thrilled with how my closets look now. It took minimal effort and most importantly minimal funds.


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