Sneak Peak of My Novel “One”


One night I had a very vivid dream. One that nagged at me until, three days later, I felt compelled to write it down. I kept writing, expanding upon the dream for the next three years. Below is an excerpt of my novel “One”. 

↫November 29, 2013, 5:15 a.m.↬

I could feel the tiny rocks beneath me digging into my back. I squeezed my eyes together tightly silently hoping the spinning would stop. I inhaled and forced myself to focus on the water lapping gently against my feet.

I could hear the crunching of shoes against dirt and stones. An arm wrapped around my waist, my body folded as I was lifted off the ground.

“We’re so fucked.”

I could only manage a groan. The swaying was killing me.

“Down, down. Please.” I begged.

My feet connected with the ground again, and I lurched forward vomiting onto the side of the nearest tree.

His large hand wrapped around my wrist dragging me the rest of the way to the road. I could hear our friends saying bye as we walked past the fire, but I was too drunk to acknowledge them.

By the time we reached the road I was feeling a bit better. He walked over to his bike and shoved a helmet into my arms.

“Sorry.” I said as I placed the helmet over my head.

“Just get on.”

“Are you mad at me?”

“Ivy I don’t care what you do. But if I get in trouble because you’re an asshole, I’m gonna be pissed.”

I sauntered over to the bike, and climbed on behind him.

“You’re my twin brother. You’re supposed to be an asshole with me.”

The engine roared to life and we were quickly speeding down the winding road.

The drive came into view shortly after. He pulled in, locked the gate behind us, and ditched his bike in the blooming bushes leading up to the house.

I swayed dangerously as we made our way to the looming structure ahead of us. Pax walked faster than I did, leaving me behind.

Our curfew was four, almost five, hours ago. I was the one who insisted on playing all the drinking games. I was the one who got everyone to drunkenly skinny dip. I was the one who hid the key to his bike in the bottom of a tequila bottle, so he couldn’t take me away from the party. Now our curfew was an itsy bitsy, insignificant speck in the past. Of course he’s pissed. I’d be pissed too…if I cared.

I closed my eyes and took deep breaths of the cool early morning air, in an attempt to suppress the latest wave of nausea that washed over me. I continued swaying until I walked directly into Pax.

“Ow.” I said starting to giggle. “What are you doing?” He was stopped right in front of the door. I gave him a strange look as I walked past him. His arm shot out blocking my path. I looked down at his arm like I’d never seen it before.

“What. Is. Your. Problem?” I asked talking directly to his arm.

“The door is open.” He said.

“What?” I asked giggling again.

“Ivy. The door is open. And I didn’t open it.” He said looking me in the eyes.

I looked at the front door. It was wide open. My eyelids felt heavy.

“Well, maybe…” I began mumbling.

“Come on.” He said interrupting my incoherent thoughts. He dragged me by my wrist again.

The foyer was dark, which wasn’t unusual for five in the morning. I closed the door behind me before Pax could drag me up the stairs.

“Why are you acting like—“

A loud crash emanated from another part of the house. We stopped halfway up the stairs. My mind became less fuzzy as I tried to figure out what was going on. Pax let go of me and ran towards the sound. I stumbled clumsily behind him, but he was too fast and made it into the kitchen before me.

“NO! Go! GO! RUN!!”

It was my mother’s voice.

You can read more (for free!) by navigating to the “Novel” page.


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