How To Deal With A Horrible Boss



What in the world is worse than having to deal with a horrible boss day in and day out? The answer is nothing. Absolutely nothing on this Earth sucks more. Work is, unfortunately, where we spend most of our time. So having to spend a large amount of time with someone who is intimidating, overbearing, annoying, incompetent, or just plain mean, can really effect how we behave and feel on a day to day basis.

I have personally never had what I would categorize as a horrible boss…until recently. I won’t go into detail about the situation. However, it got me thinking that many other young professionals must be in the same position. So here are my tips on dealing with a no-good, absolutely terrible, horrible boss.

STEP 1: Assess the situation.


Is it you or is it your boss? Are you being too sensitive? Do you have unrealistic expectations? Is this how bosses usually behave? This is what friends are for. Run the situation by another person to gauge whether or not there is even a situation. If there is something going on here move on to…


STEP 2: Make a game plan


You need to make a decision: is your boss’ behavior worth it? Or should you start looking for another job?

STEP 3: So you think it’s worth it


And that’s totally fine!! If you think your job is absolutely worth the shenanigans your boss is putting you through then great! What you should do now is figure out what you can do to change your boss’ behavior as it relates to you.

Is your boss a micromanager? If so, anticipate the things he’ll ask you about and have them done before he can even ask you about them. That way he’ll get you used to you being on top of your game.

Is your boss a meanie? Do whatever you need to do to stay out of his way. Don’t draw any negative attention to yourself. Or you can go the old school route and just kiss ass. Basically do whatever you can to stay on your boss’ good side. Stay late, extra credit, whatever it takes.

STEP 4: Totally not worth it


Amen, Amen, Amen. Grin and bear it for as long as you can while looking for new employment. At this point, do what you can to avoid getting fired (if you feel that’s where this is headed), and most importantly do not lose your head and quit. I find it ideal to leave one job and walk right into the next. So make sure that you are stealthily seeking new employment. Once you are gainfully employed break the news to your boss.


Maybe not like that ☝, but you catch my drift.



3 thoughts on “How To Deal With A Horrible Boss

  1. MattisonB says:

    The graphics that you use on your blog are really great. Do you make them yourself? I am looking to start making my own graphics and just need a little help starting. Any advice?


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