DIY Kelly Green Desk !



This is a DIY that was inspired by a few interior design boards on Pinterest. I found this desk at the Salvation Army for only $14.99, and then I got a student discount which brought the price down to $11.95. This was an absolute steal.

The desk is sturdy, made with really nice wood, and (as you’ll soon see) the hardware is pretty cool. It just needed a little elbow grease.

Below is a before and after:

deskbeforeafterBelow is a step-by-step pictorial guide of my DIY process, including the products used:

Step 1: Lightly sanded:


Step 2: Prime desk:


Step 3: Apply first coat of paint:


Step 4: While your first coat is drying work on the hardware:




Step 5: Apply at least one more coat of paint to your desk. Once it’s properly dry install your hardware.


I ended up applying two more coats of paint after this picture was taken because I wanted the green to have a deeper hue.

Here are a few pictures of my desk in my apartment. It’s held up extremely well these last three years. The paint has a high gloss to it. It hasn’t chipped AT ALL. In the photo below was you can see the desk with the DIY chair from this previous post.




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