New Year Resolutions!

New year-2

Christmas is right around the corner which means so is a New Year! It’s crazy to me that a whole year has gone by! This time of year brings with it self reflection, and a desire to improve oneself.

I personally have a had a roller coaster ride of a year, filled with ups, downs, unexpected twists and turns. But I look forward to what this new year will bring.

I think it is so important to have New Year resolutions. I also think that people tend to do this incorrectly. A new year resolution is just another way to say “goal”. It’s really just a goal that you’re trying to achieve in the new year. It is so very important to start small with your goals and build upon them.

Quite often people make huge lofty goals that are unattainable. Not being able to live up to that goal can be frustrating and can cause you to get discouraged and I’ve it up completely.

Here are a few of my (realistic) New Year resolutions:

  1. Study consistently and meaningfully for the bar exam.
  2. Secure an editor for my novel.
  3. Be more appreciative of the people and things I have in my life.
  4. Create a budget binder.
  5. Drink water everyday.

I look forward to tackling these resolutions in the new year!

What are some of your resolutions?




4 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions!

    • tamelisa says:

      Uncertainty and fear play a major role in being “stuck” whether it be in a place, at a job you hate, or in your emotions. Facing your fears is by far the best way to move forward, and grow! Such an awesome resolution!

      Good luck!

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