Ace Your Next Exam in 10 Easy Steps!


As you all know (because I mention it at the beginning of every post 🙂 haha sorry) I am in the midst of studying for the bar exam. Studying this time around is far more difficult than the last time particularly when it comes to setting aside the necessary time to study while working a full time job. These additional responsibilities make it necessary for me to reevaluate my study habits, and incorporate all of the habits that made me a successful student.

This post is for all the students out there: full time, part time, students with kids, students who are married, all of you. Click HERE to keep reading!


What You NEED to be Watching!!



I usually post what I’m binge-watching beneath the Netflix & Chill tab of this site. But I’m so obsessed with this show that I’m making an exception.

Click HERE to find out why I’m obsessed and to find other documentaries just like Making a Murderer. And click HERE to view an updated show I’m binging on under my Netflix & Chill tab.

School and Anxiety !

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Hey Everyone!

Today is all about school related/induced anxiety, and how to deal. I feel that this is something that I want to discuss now, because I have been stressed out about studying for the bar exam AGAIN. This time I feel it is more stressful because I’m balancing a full time, adult person CAREER. And I’ve been noticing this old, familiar, feeling of anxiety coming back, and I’m not a fan.

Keep reading for my story of anxiety, and how I deal with it in 3 easy steps.

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How To: Make A Great Impression At Your New Job!

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Hey Everyone!! Happy New Year!

I apologize for not posting anything in the past few days. I have been busy spending time with family and friends for the holidays. I have also been busy adjusting to my new job, AND studying for the bar exam! Phew! SO. MANY. THINGS.

I don’t know about you guys, but this year is the year that I make a lot of positive changes in my life, career, and finances! I really believe that we can all make HUGE advances in our lives by making little changes.

So let’s start with our career!

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Christmas Eve Dinner Decor!



Merry Christmas Accidentally Adulterers!  — I mean…okay I’ll work on that.

I hope you’re all surrounded by close friends and family this holiday season, and Santa brought you everything you asked for!

As for me I’ve had a very happy holiday season. I am in Connecticut visiting family for our annual Christmas Eve dinner. This year my sister Lesa hosted the dinner and her decor was AMAZING!! So I decided to share it all with you here!

Click the link above or here! !



Hey Everyone!

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