Christmas Eve Dinner Decor!



Merry Christmas Accidentally Adulterers!  — I mean…okay I’ll work on that.

I hope you’re all surrounded by close friends and family this holiday season, and Santa brought you everything you asked for!

As for me I’ve had a very happy holiday season. I am in Connecticut visiting family for our annual Christmas Eve dinner. This year my sister Lesa hosted the dinner and her decor was AMAZING!! So I decided to share it all with you here!

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DIY Kelly Green Desk !



This is a DIY that was inspired by a few interior design boards on Pinterest. I found this desk at the Salvation Army for only $14.99, and then I got a student discount which brought the price down to $11.95. This was an absolute steal.

The desk is sturdy, made with really nice wood, and (as you’ll soon see) the hardware is pretty cool. It just needed a little elbow grease.

Below is a before and after:

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Big City on a Small Budget !

Big City.png


Have you ever dreamed of living in a big city? Well it is not cheap. I never intended or dreamed of living in a city. But I was accepted to a law school here in Boston, and I made the (premature) decision to make this city my home for three years (and now forever thanks to my boyfriend. Ugh, love). However, I did not conduct the proper research and I paid for that mistake. I paid A LOT. Here are a few money saving tips for those of you who currently live in, or plan on moving to a new city.

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My Simple Holiday Decor !


Simple & Inexpensive
The holiday season is upon us! My favorite part of the holidays (other than the music) is all the fun decorating I get to do!

I don’t usually go overboard with my decorations because I do have limited storage space. However, what I do do is enough to sufficiently get me in the holiday spirit.

For me the holidays are all about color, happiness, and love. Check out pics of my Christmas decor down below!

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